About Us


   Motor Tech Freight is a proud Canadian Company with expertise in hauling all kind of Dry & Temperature controlled freight across all over North America. Whether it be Fresh Produce coming from California, Texas or Florida into the Canadian Grocery Stores, or frozen pancakes coming from Montreal & Toronto to various cities in the USA, Motor Tech Freight does it all.

Our primary aim is to provide exceptional safety, service and performance to our customers. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, and, in today’s environment, are constantly changing.We pride in ourselves on client relationships, practical technology, and extensive infrastructure and resources, as we strive to develop and deliver first-class transport solutions.

Our commitment to ensuring everything we do does not harm those it involves – including our staff, customers and the community – is why we are a leader in safety and compliance. We take every measure possible to ensure our drivers are well equipped, well trained, and well rested. We understand that our Clients have a safety protocol/concerns of their own. We want to partner with our customers and exceed their safety standards. Our goal is to make transportation/delivery department of our customers to be the safest and we firmly believe that we can achieve it together.

Continually endeavoring to improve our logistics planning and systems, we maintain our prominent position in the marketplace and ensure our customers’ needs are always fulfilled.